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Whole Home Repipes

Everyone experiences slow drains from time. We provide all your drain cleaning services. Sewer stoppages, kitchen stoppages,sink stoppages, toilet stoppages, air condition condensate drain stoppages, tub and shower stoppages. We also provide sewer video inspection services and hydro jet drain cleaning service.

Polypropolene Uponor Pex Piping

If your home was built before 1985 there is a strong possiblity that this is what you are showering and drinking water from. These rust elements can also damage fixtures.

 Galvanizeed water lines in time develope what is called "burst points" which are spots on these pipes which have corroded from the inside out and sprung small leaks. These small leaks will then seal themselves back up with rust debris, calcium and minerals in the water. These weak spots will grow and weaken the wall of the pipe and when something abrupt happens for example a hard freeze or draining system and repressurizing your homes water system can cause these weak points to burst.

Over time fixtures in your home become defective or out of date and may require repair or replacement. Here at Sweetwater Plumbing Company we can service or install any fixture of your choice.

Tankless Water Heaters


The new polyproplene piping system in our trade called "Pex Piping" is what you need installed. This material has a memory which allows the pipes to expand and contract through weather changes and not cause leaks. This piping is also resistant to hot and cold temperatues. The minimal sheetrock damage required to repipe an entire home is more convienient than the conventional copper or Cpvc repipe that would require large portions of sheetrock to be removed. Ask about our repipes when you get a chance, it is better to act now then wait for your home to be damaged.

Galvanized Steel Water Lines

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